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Ashes from the sky
Ashes from the sky


“Ashes From the sky” is a naturalistic comedy about the love of nature and the inability of man to conquer the forces of development. In a paradisiacal valley crowned by a terminal power station, a villager (“Federico” – Celso Bugallo) has spent 30 years fighting for the closing of the plant. He firmly believes that the Kyoto Agreement will close it down. This is a contradictory story in which there is no unique truth. In Ashes from the sky “there are small victories and small failures.

Main crew

Script: Dionisio Pérez y José Antonio Quirós in collaboration with Ignacio de Moral
Director: José Antonio Quirós
Editing: Fernando Pardo
Producer: Loris Omedes
Production manager: Quique Jorba
Director of photography: Álvaro Gutiérrez
Art director Bernat Puig
Music: Ramón Prada
Sound designer: Juan Sanchez "Cuti"

Main cast

Federico: Celso Bugallo
Cristina: Clara Segura
Pol Ferguson: Gary Piquer
Mario: Fran Sariego
Tati: Beatriz Rico
Manolo: Txema Blasco
Alfredo Nicolás Fdez. Luna
Marisol: Raquel Hevia
Raúl: Eduardo Antuña
Lalin: Carlos Kaniowski


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